5 Ways to Promote Your Music Business on Twitter

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Love it or hate it, Twitter is the best tool to generate a promotional campaign.   Whether you’re planning an event, or generating a fan base for your product, you need to connect with the people who fit in your demographic.  Twitter is one of the many resources online that will allow you to connect with someone you would have never met walking down the street.  Of course if you’re a busy-body with a ton of things on their plate, you think it may be hard to “get on Twitter”, but it’s the easiest and cheapest way to brand yourself.

Here are some tips while going about it:

- Create a Twitter Handle. Creating and promoting a Twitter handle is best for products or events that have a large appeal behind it or a lengthy amount of time of promotion.  This allows people to join in the conversation- sharing pictures and moments with not only each other, but in front of the rest of the Twitter community.

- Connect it to your Pages.  Connect your Twitter to your Blog, Eventbrite, Caltweet, Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Etc.  This will make it easy for you to promote the other pages to the Twitter community, and various ways for your consumer to interact with your brand.  Once you do your daily run-through of your online products, you can free your mind to tweet.

- Share the wealth. Helping someone else never works against you, especially on Twitter.  Give tips about your field; things that might interests others who are looking to professionals for advice. Speak about what you know. Share helpful articles you may read.   If your conversation is in the right direction, more people will trust in your business.

- Retweet! Retweet other people’s tweets that you wish you could have said first! LOL! Aside from connecting people and sharing good follows, your name gets noticed more.  They’ll see you as a supporter and not a spammer, or people watcher. The industry isn’t as big as you would imagine.  If you make positive connections with people without having to say anything, what’s the harm? RT!

- Scheduled Tweets.  I say this with caution.  Please be mindful of how many tweets you send out and how you do it.  To put it simply. your scheduled tweets should be about 1/4 (at most) of what you are tweeting on a daily basis. (You should have at least 5 real Tweets a day). If you’re running a few sites, selling a couple products, and advertising event links, scheduled tweets can definitely come in handy.  Some advise against it, but a scheduled tweet is better than no tweet.

Do you have any other tips for promoting your business through twitter?

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